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The human mind is an incredible thing. It has power over nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. It can protect you from danger, do complex calculus, and it can even cure physical ailments without medicine – think the placebo effect. Likewise, your success or failure at any given task is heavily influenced by your mindset. Positive affirmations are a great tool to bring your mind back onto your side.

Our mindset can be a barbaric beast if left unchecked. However, we each have immense power over our minds. We just need to know how to use it properly. There are plenty of ways to manipulate your mindset in your favor, but positive affirmations are likely one of the most effective tools.

Let’s explore the power of our mindset and learn how to use positive affirmations!

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A Negative vs. A Positive Mindset

A man who says he can and a man who says he cannot are usually both right.


We have very powerful minds. These large, pink blobs are so powerful, in fact, that they can even determine whether we succeed or fail at any particular endeavor. No matter how simple or how complex, the right or wrong mindset can make or break your results. Positive and negative mindsets are very influential over our success or failure.

Negativity is very powerful. It can quickly turn a simple task into an unbeatable behemoth. People with negative mindsets typically have thoughts like I’m not good enough, I don’t think I can do this, or this is going to be too hard. These thoughts hurt your self-image and kill your confidence. If you’re not confident in your own abilities, you’re likely to fail.

Positivity, while also very powerful, requires more work to maintain. Positive people often have higher self-esteem and think more highly of themselves. Their thoughts generally sound like I can do this or think in terms of when I succeed rather than if I succeed. This mindset gives them the confidence to succeed in any task in spite of the difficulty. They can succeed simply because they believe in their ability to do so.

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The Impact of Positive Affirmations

Negativity breeds failure whereas positivity cultivates success and achievement. When you use positivity to your advantage, you will have the power to do anything. Consequently, Positive affirmations are one of the best tools to develop a mindset that is built upon positivity and allows you to flourish. Self-affirming is an excellent way to become more resilient and more successful.

Self-Affirmations and Resilience

Positive affirmations are a simple yet extremely effective way to bolster your resilience. When you self-affirm, you increase your self-esteem and you are more likely to bounce back from adversity. In fact, Psychology Today explains that in a recent study, individuals who used self-affirmed actually showed improvements after failures. Using positive affirmations encourages resilience after failure.

Resilience is an important tool in anyone’s toolbox. Resilient individuals are able to, in the words of Cervantes, “march into hell for a heavenly cause.” That cause is their own success. They face adversity willingly to improve themselves. Positive affirmations are crucial to building a positive, resilient mindset. This mindset gives you the power to face and overcome any obstacle without defeat.

Self-Affirmations and Success

Positive affirmations have become recognized as an important tool for anyone looking to be successful. Not only do self-affirmations foster resilience, but they also breed success. When you are more resilient, you persevere through adversity and find success at the end of the tunnel.

Additionally, positive affirmations have shown to substantially increase self-confidence. As a result, these individuals have fewer doubts about their abilities and work tirelessly to achieve success. When internal doubt is eliminated, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Your mind is powerful. If you have a mindset that is completely confident in your abilities, you don’t see obstacles as impassable walls. Rather, you see them as hurdles you will jump over with ease. They require effort to surpass, but you have more than enough skill to do so.

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21 Top Positive Affirmations

I can and I will.

I am my own superhero. (@Greatist)

I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intervention. (@bexlife)

I’m wild. I’m wonderful. I will succeed. (Dr. Lara Pence)

I have the power to create change. (@iamruby)

Today is my day. I will conquer it and I will succeed.

I am worthy of love and joy. (Develop Good Habits)

My presence is my power. (Gabrielle Bernstein)

The only person who can defeat me is myself. (Meditate and Wonder)

I can do all the things. (@Kay.Penny)

My life is just beginning. (HuffPost)

If I do the thing, I’ll have the power. (Emerson… but paraphrased)

I focus on breathing and grounding myself. (Prolific Living)

I have fun with all of my endeavors, even the most mundane. (Live Bold and Bloom)

I am choosing and not waiting to be chosen. (@RaisingSelf)

If I can breathe, I can choose.

I feed my spirit. I train my body. I focus my mind. It’s my time. (@IntenSati)

I don’t sweat the small stuff. (Gabrielle Bernstein)

I am focused, persistent, and I will never quit. (Dreams For Breakfast)

When it comes to taking care of myself, I only seek permission from my heart. (Aim Happy)

I only think positive thoughts and am always happy and joyous no matter what the external conditions are. (The Maven Circle)

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Mindset, Positivity, and Self-Affirmations

Our minds can be complicated creatures, but if we can tame them, we can open new doors to success. We do this by cutting out negativity and creating mindsets that promote positivity. Negativity is a ball and chain that holds us back whereas positivity is a set of wings that allows us to reach for the heavens and drink the water of prosperity.

Positive affirmations are a crucial tool in the arsenal of anyone looking to build a positive mindset. They increase our confidence in ourselves and our abilities. As a result, they make us more resilient and push us to be successful.

Self-affirming is versatile in that it can be tailored to anyone and their specific needs. Look at what your problems are, and then figure out what you need from yourself to overcome them. From there, choose or create an affirmation that will work for you. Once you do that, repeat it again and again and watch yourself succeed.

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