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These last few months have been difficult for all of us. Being confined to our homes away from work, school, and the gym — not to mention friends and family — has left a lot of us feeling a little stir crazy. Luckily, as restrictions start to loosen, there are plenty of local adventures that will have you breathing deep and feeling good.

A person embarking on one of many local adventures

Although restrictions are beginning to ease up, we still have to be mindful of safety guidelines to help everyone stay healthy. For this reason, each of these local adventures can be done with a mask, hand sanitizer, and a distance of 6 feet.

Here are 4 local adventure ideas you can enjoy during and after quarantine!

Explore Local Trails

Wherever you are — from the sprawling prairies of Texas to the cramped hills of San Francisco — you’re likely surrounded by a variety of rich, vibrant trails just waiting to be explored.

Exploring nearby trails can serve as the foundation for countless local adventures. However, choosing the right trail is hard. Luckily, AllTrails is an app that shows you all of your nearby trails. It can even organize them by location, length, or difficulty. This makes choosing the perfect adventure simple and easy.

One of the advantages of hiking is that you can trek with a group or on your own. However you plan to hike, always be sure to follow posted safety guidelines and carry all of the proper equipment.

Enjoy a Distanced Beach Day

Throughout the coastal United States, it’s easy to find large swaths of warm sand that eventually turn into great expanses of pristine salty water. America’s beaches make for fun and relaxed local adventures anywhere with sand and some water.

When you’re on the beach, it’s important to keep your own safety in mind as well as that of the people around you. It may be hot and sunny outside, but you should still wear a mask and maintain a social distance of 6 feet.

A beautiful California beach

Although most can accommodate a lot of people, some beaches may have capacity limits as they begin to reopen. A backup plan mitigates any beach-related disappointment. Try to keep 1 or 2 backup beaches in mind, just in case.

Also, be prepared to completely change your plans if you can’t get into any beach. Getting some ice cream and trying again tomorrow may end up being the best option.

Find Low-Traffic, High-Quality Views

From Georgia’s aptly-named Lookout Mountain to Lands End on the California coast, there are top-notch, awe-inspiring views wherever you find yourself. The trick is to find breathtaking views without tons of people breathing down your neck.

In fact, there are probably more little-known natural wonders than there are popular tourist attractions. Oftentimes, the added solitude of these local adventures makes them even more spectacular.

Pitch a Tent in the Backyard

If all else fails, there’s a classic go-to adventure that never gets old. Backyard camping is a timeless experience that allows you to sleep under the stars. Yet it still allows you to run inside to use the bathroom.

As the most local your adventures can get, pitching a tent in your own backyard brings the adventure to you. By the time the sun rises the next morning, you may have learned to appreciate the nighttime sounds of your neighborhood environment a bit more.

Where Will Your Local Adventures Take You?

During this time of uncertainty, we have to find comfort and relief in any way we can. Some turn to exercise while others turn to a good book or favorite video game. Others still are eager to get back into nature and experience its wonder.

These 4 local adventure ideas can bring your closer to nature and yourself while still maintaining a safe social distance.

What are some of your favorite local adventures? Leave a comment and let us know!

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